Zhenhua Cao

Experienced Web Developer and Team Lead


New Providence, NJ




Batman would be jealous.


I consider coding as an art. My code is well organized, easy to read, and to test. When coding, I automatically do interface design in an optimal way, with proper distribution of complexity in mind.


Architect Design

I equip myself with state-of-the-art software knowledge and tools. Together with the sense emerged from rich application development experience, I have the ability to provide optimal solutions for different use cases, which are both cost, scalability effective.



I've equiped myself with a lot of Dev/Ops tools, from Terraform, Docker to Concourse CI, I've used them to drastically improve productivity.



I've led many successful pioneering research projects, managing members across different geo locations, working with colleagues in different departments to allow those projects to grow from 0 to 1.


Yes. I've been around.
2020 – Present

Certified Kernel, LLC

Software Architect

New York, NJ

Led various projects about CertiK Chain including Explorer and Shield. I'm a key contributor behind the successful CertiK Chain mainnet launch.

Carefully chosen technologies for the startup so it executes ideas quickly with high quality. The main tech stack I chose for CertiK is React + Netlify + AWS DynamoDB. It scales flawlessly.

2015 – 2020

FreeWheel Media, Inc (A Comcast Company)

Principal Software Engineer

New York, NJ

Led a frontend framework project called modulajs from scratch. Inspired by Redux, Elm, the framework was tailored to fit FreeWheel's need of modularized design and high reusability. The project also included an internal UI component library which was reused to build FreeWheel's flagship product - MRM. The project was a big success and demonstrated a great example of engineering excellence, by having 97%+ unit test coverage, plenty of documentation, tutorial and examples to make it easy to use.

Built a CLI tool called integration-cli, which became developers' swiss army knife for local development and testing. User experience is great and the testing design was quite different from existing, the idea was described in my blog post Scalable Integration Testing Method. Technologies under the hood are Kubernetes, Docker and Cypress.

Built FreeWheel US Web team from scratch by interviewing new candidates, training new hires and sharing tech insights.

2012 – 2015

FreeWheel Media, Inc (A Comcast Company)

Senior Software Engineer

Beijing, China

Designed the initial version of frontend framework for base on React and Flux.

Led a roadmap project called Partner Module Overhaul. I spent a lot of time in pair programming, code reviews and writing unit tests in order to achieve high code quality.

Contributed to UI Foundation project which merged the functionality of 2 legacy Rails applications into one unified (still Rails) application. I was one of the main developers and I worked 3 months in USA with the PM team to support the production release.

Dockerized UI products to run inside Docker containers, this was used by most UI engineers to build their own local environment.

Built an automation to create Jenkins CI pipelines for each feature branches on Git upon push.

2011 – 2012

Gaopeng (Groupon Tencent China)

Frontend Team Leader

Beijing, China

Built the frontend team(LAMP Stack) from scratch to 7 team members.

Led the frontend team to build the new frontend layer for gaopeng.com, through which we decoupled the model layer and view layer, and improved performance to 10x of its original architecture.

Built internal web projects for marketing, business planing, and client support departments.

2009 – 2010

Shaier Network Technology


Beijing, China

Built the PHP backend and JS frontend. My input was PSD design and the output was running pages in browsers compatible to IE6.

Built the frontend team (LAMP Stack), from scratch to 7 people.

2011 – 2012

Longtop Financial Technology

Software Engineer

Beijing, China

Developed new features with J2EE for CITIC bank.

Refactored thousands of lines of legacy codes.

Handled emergency and exceptional situations after production release.

Accelerated test environment deployment by building a semi-auto GUI tool written in Java Swing.


Lazy isn't in my vocabulary.
2003 – 2007

Xiamen University

Bachelor of Computer Science

Xiamen, Fujian, China

Where I learned the computer foundation and inspirations of building great software.